Wednesday, April 8, 2009

teaching change?

I always mean to post more often. Oops.

So in a few weeks, my Saturdays are going to be freed up as the TWIGS season comes to a close. Money is already tight, so I will probably pick up some private students on other days to stay afloat. As for my Saturdays....

I have been itching to volunteer lately, and I heard a teacher saying she needed to see her students engage in the'm having that teacher choose 2 or 3 students to work with me, and I am going to volunteer with them once a week. (I'm hoping that I may inspire a few other teachers/people to do the same.)

We will be limited by their youth--kids aren't welcomed to volunteer just any old place (the kids are 11 and 12). But I have a few ideas, and I'll keep y'all posted.

In other news, we are putting on a production of Einstein on the Beach with the kids at New Song. It's a post-modernist opera by living composer Philip Glass, and this production, to my knowledge, is the first all-kids production and the first all-black cast. April 24th at 4pm. Fun! More soon...

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