Monday, March 23, 2009

Catering our own wedding?

Melvin and I have many excellent cooks in our families, and we both love cooking. Then....there are these places where you can buy lots of food in bulk and cook for your whole month, to save money or something. But I was thinking, that instead of cooking for a family of four for the whole month, we could cook for a family of 120 for one night. Er, something. So we might cater our own wedding, or at least, I'm looking into it. If we do this, add it to the list of strange things about our wedding:
-it's in my brother chuck's backyard
-my brother marc is our photographer
-my sister jacki is making our cake and (with my sister midge) throwing me a shower. plus jacki's hosting 3 of the guests at her house. she's really way too kind. i'm feeling guilty. moving on...
-my mom and her friend sally are doing all of the flowers
-my mom made the ringbearer's pillow
-i'm making our invitations, and with melvin and a few very kind friends, all of the favors and centerpieces.

there's more to this, but i'll stop here! obviously, it's a family affair.


Honor said...

I think it's awesome you are having a family affair ... way more personal that way. (do you think cooking for that many would be stressful?)

alexis said...

nah, i think we can handle it. usually you go to this place and cook for 6 people for a whole month--that's more than we're making, plus has to include much more variety. it's been done before, goes:)