Monday, March 2, 2009

change gets *slightly* easier in baltimore

if you live in baltimore, you know how hard it has been to recycle!! we have confusing "zones," and weird pick-up dates that are hard to follow, and that are way too far apart for those of us who are making an effort. plus, where we live, you have to carry everything clear around the block to get it picked up. such a pain, 'cause recycling is heavy, right? okay, but the good news. our recycling switched to "single-stream," a while back, meaning you don't have to separate it. better news---you can now recycle all the plastic they wouldn't accept just a few months ago. anything with a number on it, including your yogurt cups and stuff, are accepted:
the official recycling rules for b-more
(notice that you don't have to have the expensive and out of stock yellow bins!!)
and in case you still find yourself with plastic bags, even though you try to use cloth bags whenever you think of it, plastic bags can be recycled at many grocery stores.

am i the only one who finds these changes totally life-altering? um, probably.


Honor said...

we are recycling maniacs ... we recycle everything possible ... and I'm one of those who actually rinses everything out and all of that ... LOVE recycling!

congrats on the new "rules!"

Z. said...

We heart single stream. However, we did not get our handy municipal works calendar this year, and find it hard to keep track of which thursday morning our seven bags empty wine bottles need to be put outside.