Sunday, June 28, 2009

June '09

It has been a long time since I've posted...been soooo busy. Highlights include:

Melvin and I made our wedding invitations. While I didn't make the paper myself, everything else is from scratch. I'll post pix soon. Mel was at least 50% of the invitation making process, and I was really impressed with all of his effort. I mean, I know he's great, but I didn't know he was great and crafty:) Mel drew the birds and crafted the language, I did the printing with an old-fashioned Japanese screen printing machine, and we assembled them in our living room. Some friends came over to help when it got extra messy and overwhelming--thank goodness! One more thing down-but so much to go.

Mel and I renewed our membership to our CSA. Tonight, in fact, we are going to a picnic at One Straw Farm. We will get a tour, hear live music, and eat food of our own creation. I'm making a salad with beets, snap peas (from the farm) and potato (not from the farm). The root veggies are boiling (separately) now. I'll blanch the peas, peel and cool and chop everything, and then toss it in a vinaigrette (maybe white vinegar, EVOO, fresh lemon juice and zest, salt/pepper/garlic?) and sprinkle parmesan. Other picnic items look to be devilled eggs, carrot sticks, some dried fruit. Fun!

this is all for now, but i'll try to post a little more regularly:)