Sunday, May 24, 2009

fighting war with art:)

it's been too long since i last posted! i guess i've been pretty focused on the "night of the arts" we are putting on this wednesday at new song. we are exploring the theme of war vs. peace and violence vs. non-violence through the arts. i promise it is a really special event that has taken a lot of time and attention recently. for now, this is my change.

please join us if you are in the area. it's free, it's short, and it will be totally inspirational. my kids are freaking brilliant!! (okay, i'm biased, but really. they're fabulous.)

more info!!

please join us:)

Monday, May 4, 2009

small step --> big change

one of the easiest ways we've found to save money and the environment is to hang all of our clothes to dry them, rather than run the dryer. our clothes last way longer, we diminish our carbon footprint, we lowered our utility bill considerably. i swear by this.

if you have a clothesline, or maybe a balcony, you can hang dry large blankets and sheets too.

other small changes
-i shower at the gym as often as possible. it lowers my utility bill, and my showers there are super quick so maybe it's pro-environment too
-where we live, you can opt to get your energy from wind turbines through the energy company you already use. same price or slightly less, way better for the environment. worth looking in to.
-shop at the goodwill. i can't say enough about this. just take my recital dresses---each one cost me $12 or $15, looked like new, and would have cost me at least $100 each at macy's. i have at least 10 gowns like this--crazy savings!! plus, i loan them to all my girlfriends when they have recitals; they just pay for the cleaning. awesome.

do you have other tips? leave in comments!