Tuesday, April 14, 2009

innovative gift wrap and more:)

i am often asked how i stretch my dollars. i suppose folks have noticed that i don't make much but i seem to get by. i secretly kind of enjoy pinching pennies, and it's a bonus that it's almost always better for the planet.
i NEVER purchase gift wrap. sometimes i put gifts in take-out boxes from restaurants. shredded newspaper makes a nice tissue paper. here i've used potato chip bags (turned inside out and washed) as gift bags.

as everybody knows, i make most presents that i give. you don't have to be craftsy to do this. my mom's friend sally makes CDs for her friends, mel gives photographs as presents (he's a great photog:)), and lots of people give baked goods or homemade candy as gifts. but if you're a craftster like me, you probably already have tricks up your sleeves. Susan is a knitter, Claudia crochets, Honor is quilting, even Zoe has discovered her craftsy side! Tracy gave me homemade pesto sauce once-it was yummy.

To nurture the craftsy side of you, check out craftster.org. There you can learn to make absolutely anything. and if you want to sell or buy handmade goodies, check out etsy.com. You'll be immediately hooked:)

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