Sunday, January 4, 2009

i need a muslim friend or two.

melvin and i have been talking for a long time about how we can actively be supporting muslim americans in this age of such discrimination against them. i've asked a few friends who have muslim relatives, but they don't consider themselves muslim so i hit a dead end. i'd like to support muslim american business owners, but so far i only learned that i should buy zabiha meat. i don't know what that is, but it seems moot since i'm a vegetarian.

i have stopped myself from approaching total strangers, 'cause i'm not sure how you start that conversation. "um, hi. are you a muslim? do you experience discrimination? is there something i can do to help?"

i posted on craigslist many times, but my posts were deleted immediately. craigslist has a lot of lurking bigots (i'm not making this up. they post a lot on the rants and raves pages).

i feel like this may be the civil rights issue of today. i feel like i should be doing something. any suggestions?

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