Monday, January 19, 2009

day of service REMIX!

melvin and i were so ready. we had on long johns under our toughest clothing, and we packed latex gloves in case our volunteer work involved picking up gross stuff. it was snowing outside pretty heavily, but we were undaunted.

except that we got lost, or not lost, but we never found our destination. we called several times, but nobody answered. perhaps the project was canceled due to weather. it was super disappointing and we were all revved up to do SOMEthing.

so maybe this is weird, but we bought a bunch of hot sweet coffees at dunkin' donuts (they are called dunkaccinos) and handed them out to people who looked like they could use a pick me up out in the cold. one guy got a little cash too.

PRO: the people who accepted the coffee seemed really grateful
CON: many were skeptical of our intentions
PRO: coffee was warm and baltimore was cold
CON: at least one dude seemed offended
PRO: the coffee was tasty. we had some too.
CON: several people thought we were looking for drugs. in case anybody is curious, the snow is absolutely no deterrent to dealers.
PRO: in general people were kind, seemed pleasantly surprised, and thanked us profusely.

all in all, not a bad day.

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Honor said...

you're so good ... and brave too!